Coping strategies of orphans in Uganda, case study in Entebbe municipality

Nandago Lynn, Student
Ruth Magola, Ministry of Health, Uganda
Musede Faith

The study explores how orphans cope with their situation in terms of basic and social needs like food, clothing, housing and education. The concern is that there are many of orphans without basic necessities and life seems to be very hard for them but how do they manage to cope with the prevailing situations. A lot of literature on vulnerable children reveal mainly two causes of vulnerability: 1.Poverty – these are children from very poor families living below the poverty line, who most times can hardly afford a meal. Live in leaking grass thatched houses, clothed poorly and don’t go to school. 2.Orphaned – according to Uganda’s definition, these are children who have lost one or both parents. In Uganda, parental deaths are mainly due to diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and other calamities like wars (instability in the country).

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Presented in Session 42: Effects of HIV/AIDS on children