Promoting safer sexual practices among street children in Kinshasa in the era of HIV

Lupwana Kandala, LUCIO

HIV is a major problem in Congo-Kinshasa, with an unknown prevalence rate. In many cities in Congo, schools and churches have responded to the crisis, leading the way in caring for those affected by HIV, the sick and the dying. However there has been lack of concerns and a reluctance to speak openly and frankly about HIV and sex among street children, fearing that this may lead to promiscuity. At a time when HIV is leading to the deaths of several young people, such reluctance is unacceptable in the presence of higher rate of drop out and higher number of street children. This poster explores causes of this reluctance, the assumption of a link between sexual health and HIV education and an increase in promiscuity among street children in Kinshasa. Here the focus is on the evidence provided by our NGO using accepted techniques to communicate with street children for a safer sexual health.

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Presented in Poster Session 3