Gender equality in South Africa: The foundation of achieving the MDGs

Olga Masebe, Statistics South Africa

More than 5 years have elapsed since the MDG’s declaration was adopted. Considering the time to reach 2015, there is little time to lose. If success is to be achieved, ensuring gender equality will be essential, given the relevance of gender concerns to all the MDG’s. MDG’s are mutually reinforcing and progress towards one goal affects progress towards the others. Success in some goals will have positive impacts on gender equality, just as progress toward equality will help further other goals. An attempt to achieve the MDG’s without promoting gender equality will decrease the likelihood of achieving other goals. Governments reaffirmed their conviction that progress for women is progress for all. This paper therefore seeks to examine the gender dimensions of progress toward the other MDG’s; show the linkages between gender equality and MDG’s and recommend directions for the country to make consistent and sustainable progress in closing gender gaps.

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Presented in Session 97: Gender inequities and MDGs