Adolescent high-risk behaviours and its determinants in North-West province of South Africa

Sabiti Ishmael-Kalule, North-West University, South Africa
Yaw Amoateng, Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC)
Narayanan V Prakash, North-West University, South Africa

Adolescents are known for engaging in such risky behaviours as unprotected sex and substance use and abuse. For instance, several studies have shown the positive relation between substance use and high risk sexual behaviour among adolescents. In fact, such risky sexual behaviours at schools often constitute a barrier for the completion of schooling as well as increase the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases amongst adolescents. Based on data collected from a sample of 1697 Grades 9 and 11 pupils in the North West province, the present study looks at the socio-economic and demographic determinants of high-risk behaviours of the adolescents in rural and urban areas of the province in South Africa.

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Presented in Poster Session 3