Internally displaced populations and implications for development in Zimbabwe’s cauldron

Munyaradzi Mushonga, National University of Lesotho

Zimbabwe, Africa’s once famed breadbasket, now a bottomless basket-case, has one of the highest rates of forced displacements and migration, across all sectors of the economy in southern Africa due to its politically volatile and hyperinflationary environment among other factors. Given that one of the biggest development challenges in Africa today is lack of human resource capacity, forced displacements and migrations can only serve to derail Africa’s development. Focusing on forced internal brain drain across the Zimbabwean economy, with emphasis on higher education, health and the civil service, the paper looks at Zimbabwe’s internally displaced populations since 2000. It looks at what has precipitated forced displacement and migration, what form(s) has it taken, where have the displacees gone to and how have they tried to make ends meet, be it in official or unofficial spaces, and with what consequences for development.

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