Effects of HIV/AIDS on children's schooling in Uganda

John Bosco Asiimwe, Makerere University

Children are persons aged below 18 years (UNHS, 2006), by the end of 2006, there were 2.3 million children living with HIV/AIDS around the world (Avert 2007). Nine out of ten of these, are in sub-Saharan Africa, HIV/AIDS particularly in LDCs has far reaching implications for the nations in terms of eroding the productive population and collapsing economies, the impact is also manifested among school going children leading to poor attendance and performance patterns due to poor health, the associated stigma at schools and adult responsibilities. The study therefore aims at sampling parents who have opened up on their HIV stereo-status, to identify affected children, in order to accumulate empirical date on the effects of HIV/AIDS on children’s schooling in Uganda. More specifically, the study will target the effects of HIV/AIDS on school attendance, concentration and performance. The dropout rate among this group will also be examined.

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Presented in Session 49: Other Emerging Issues in Population in Eastern Africa