Care giving and stress: Experiences of people taking care of elderly relations in Southern Nigeria

Uzoma O Okoye, University of Nsukka, Nigeria

Providing care especially to the elderly, takes a huge toll, both physically and emotionally. With the population of the elderly growing in Nigeria, one of the emerging issues is the care and support of elderly persons in years to come. Few people are prepared for the responsibilities and task involved in caring for the aged because of the stress involved. This study investigates the experiences of caregivers of elderly relatives. Questionnaires were distributed to 330 respondents. Findings show that 77.3% of the respondents experienced high level of stress while those caregivers who take care of their parents experience more stress than those taking care of their grandparents and other relatives. Caregivers with high income and those who have taken care of someone for a long time, experienced less stress. The implications of the findings for future care and support of the elderly in Nigeria are discussed.

Presented in Poster Session 3