Race, class, schooling and segregation: Blacks, Coloureds, Indians, and Whites in Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging

Fareeda M Griffith, University of Pennsylvania

In this paper, I analyze the impact of apartheid polices in the Gauteng province of the Republic of South Africa. Specifically, I outline this history of white supremacy and document its devolution into racial segregation and its impact on other social outcomes such as schooling, income and occupation status in Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging (PWV). I provide a brief background on the current segregation level for the analysis and present the initial findings from a much larger study of segregation. This paper builds upon the previous research by employing indirect standardization methodology, which redistributes the population on the basis of household characteristics in the South African context. I posit that regardless of household characteristics, residential segregation between Blacks/ Africans remain significantly high.

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