Climate variability, environment change and food security nexus in Nigeria

Emeka Obioha, National University of Lesotho

In the recent times, due to the increasing rate of global warming, the Savannah region of Nigeria has been experiencing continuous climatic change characterized by drastic reduction in rainfall, increase on the rate of dryness and heat, with depletion of the amount of water, flora and fauna resources. This situation has been on for years without much questions and answers with regard to how it affects food production and security in the country. Against this background, this paper investigates the chain of interactions between climatic change, draught condition and food production in Nigeria. It addresses the estimate of draught condition in the savannah region of Nigeria, the nature of food production activities in the area and the extent to which continuous climatic change has affected the state of food production. The paper also examines the indigenous and formal institutional frameworks in addressing the situation for assured food security in Nigeria.

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Presented in Session 81: Population and evironmental change in Africa