Risk and protective factors: Linkages to youth’s perception of vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection

Yetty Shobo, Pennsylvania State University

Although the 2001 U.S. Surgeon General Report argued that identifying and understanding how protective factors operate is potentially as critical as identifying and understanding how risk factors operate, few studies have examined risk and protective factor models in the HIV/AIDS research arena. The current study will fill this research gap by examining how risk and protective factors are linked and how they are associated with the likelihood of Nigerian youth perceiving vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection. Cumulative and Additive Risk models will be specified and AMOS software will be used for structural equation modeling analysis. Competing models with the cumulative protective risk score as a mediator and also as a correlate, together with the cumulative risk score, will be explored. Additive Risk Models with risk and protective factors as joint but independent correlates also will be explored. Findings from this study will have critical implications for HIV/AIDS prevention and intervention programs.

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Presented in Poster Session 3