HIV prevention among youth in Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camps: Experiences from Uganda

Peter Kintu, United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)
Alex Mugume, Uganda Programme for Human and Holistic Development (UPHOLD)
Samson Kironde, Uganda Programme for Human and Holistic Development (UPHOLD)
Denis Kibwola, Straight Talk Foundation

Northern Uganda has had a civil war for two decades and 17% of young people aged 15-24 years live in IDP camps. HIV infection and sexual behaviors that precipitate HIV infection are high. The Uganda Program for Human and Holistic Development (UPHOLD) partners with Straight Talk Foundation (STF) to provide youth-friendly services to IDP in Northern Uganda. STF provides adolescent reproductive health services to young people in five IDP camps, including HIV counseling and testing. The youth are mobilized through infotainment activities, sports and film shows. Since September 2004, 8,356 (48% female, 52% male) youth have been counseled and tested for HIV, with a consistent rise per quarter observed (χ2 for trend=5.6, p<0.01). To date, 19,447 and 13,295 clients have been reached with abstinence and other prevention messages respectively. Partnership with NGOs and referral networks should be established to promote and complement youth friendly services delivered in conflict situations.

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