Perinatal and neonatal mortality among the Mijikenda community of Kilifi District.

Evasius K Bauni, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
Hellen Gatakaa, Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
Tom Williams, Wellcome Trust
James Nokes, Wellcome Trust
Anthony Scott, Wellcome Trust

This paper describes perinatal and neonatal mortality over a period of two years using data from Kilifi integrated data management system that links both the demographic surveillance system and the clinical data of Kilifi District Hospital. Neonatal deaths contributed 44% and 47% of childhood deaths while neonatal mortality rates were 36 and 31 per 1000 child years observed in 2004-5 respectively. Perinatal mortality was 44 per 1000 live births. Neonatal deaths were attributed to neonatal sepsis (30%), pre-maturity (30%), birth asphyxia (18%)and jaundice (12%). The case fatality rates were tetanus (63%), pre-maturity (56%), congenital malformation (42%), birth asphyxia (39%) and neonatal sepsis (15%). The large number of stillbirths, pre-term deliveries and neonatal deaths may be related to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Most neonatal deaths occurred in the community where the cause of death is unknown highlighting the need for community-based studies of perinatal events and risk factors.

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Presented in Session 15: Child protection and development