Quality of life among unskilled and semi skilled migrants in urban Lagos

Pius E. Adejoh, University of Lagos

The urban areas in most developing countries have continued to grow quite rapidly due to the migration of young adults seeking better livelihoods in the cities. Unfortunately urban labour markets are unable to absorb this growing number of job seekers especially the unskilled and the semi skilled. Trapped in poverty, most of them end up in slums and squatter settlements characterized by poor sanitation, overcrowding, diseases and absence of basic services. This study examines the quality of life of unskilled and semi skilled migrants in urban Lagos and the factors that inform the decision to remain in the city. It surveyed 300 migrants in the slums of Lagos. The study scored most of the respondents low in nearly all the indices for measuring quality of life. Also, some wish to go back to the rural areas but are dissuaded by the shame of coming to the city and not succeeding.

Presented in Session 84: Consequences of internal migration