Tobacco use by young people (adolescents) in Ugandan high schools

Fredrick D Musoke, Makerere University

The Global Youth Tobacco Survey is a school-based tobacco survey that focuses on adolescents aged 13 - 15 years and has been done in many countries of the world. I have just completed one in Uganda. The objectives of the survey, for which I propose to write the paper, are to document and monitor the prevalence of tobacco use; assess students’ attitudes, knowledge and behaviors related to tobacco-use and environmental tobacco smoke exposure, as well as youth exposure to prevention curriculum in school, and media messages aimed at preventing and reducing youth tobacco use. The survey was carried out in March 22nd to April 4th 2007. It was conducted in Kampala (the capital) and five districts representing the rest of the country category. A two-stage cluster sample design was used to obtain the sample of students from Senior One to Senior Three and a sample of 56 schools was drawn.

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Presented in Session 4: Emerging issues in the Demography of East Africa