Youth and reproductive health

Amir A.B. Bouraoui, Office National de la Famille et de la Population, Tunis

Tunisia has adopted a population policy where youth occupy a privileged position. Despite the different measures taken in favor of schooling, employment and the struggle against poverty, some problems still persist among which the high rate of school dropouts, the lack of vocational training and the inadequacy between scholarship and employment resulting in high unemployment rate striking essentially youth. This category of population which is in a precarious situation is exposed to the risk of delinquency and the sexually-transmitted illnesses (STI) such as HIV / AIDS. Added to that, the rise in the average age of marriage, associated with the tendency of sexual behavior liberation among youth constitutes factors of vulnerability. Even though the number of the affected persons does not seem worrying, a program of sexual and reproductive health targeting the youth was adopted to reduce the risks. What is the strategy adopted by Tunisia to fight youth exclusion and AIDS?

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Presented in Poster Session 2