Why has the Kenyan fertility decline stalled?

Ekisa L Anyara, University of Southampton
Andrew Hinde, University of Southampton

The Kenyan fertility decline has recently stalled: the total fertility rate according to the 2003 Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) was almost the same as it was in the 1998 (DHS). So far, attempts to explain this have been inconclusive. The objectives of the paper are to explore views on fertility in relation to resources and to determine the status of the family planning program effort, and to assess the extent to which these are associated with recent fertility trends. The data were collected through focus group discussions with married women in Bungoma, Nyeri and Nairobi districts and in-depth interviews with senior family planning service providers. The findings indicate that the stalling of the fertility decline is associated with both the deterioration of the family planning program effort and economic hardship.

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Presented in Session 19: Explanations for stalled and persistently high fertility