Child mortality reduction in sub-Saharan African countries : progress and challenges

Ulimiri V Somayajulu, TNS India
Tilak Mukherji, TNS India

MDG 4 pertains to reduction of mortality rate among children under 5 by two third. The Sub Saharan African region recorded the highest levels of Under 5 Mortality rate – 175 in 2003 and 278 in 1960as well as infant mortality rate – 104 in 2003 and 165 in 1960. The prime objective of this paper is to analyze the trends in Under 5 mortality rate and infant mortality rate for Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe based on secondary data such as DHS, MICS, and World Development Report of the World Bank. The indicators used include U5MR,IMR and Proportion of children immunized against Measles. Progress so far on this has been too slow in Sub Saharan Africa with the gap between the goal and reality being the greatest in this region. The results of multi variate analysis indicate strong influence of development variables.

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Presented in Session 11: Explaining contrasting national trends and progress in achieving MDG 4