Predictors of contraceptive use discontinuation among Malawian women

Angela Msosa, National Statistical Office, Malawi

Malawi has seen a steady increase in the use of modern contraception over the past decade from 7% in 1992 to 32% in 2004. Though that is the case, first year discontinuation rates (36 percent) are a bit high with side effects and health concern accounting to about 25 percent of the reasons for discontinuation. These health related factors are likely to scare potential contraceptive users which is a policy issue to be addressed. The aim of this paper is to explore factors that determine the non-use of contraception among women who report side effects and health concerns as reasons. A logistic regression using 2004 Malawi DHS will be done using the following predictors: age; rural-urban residence; education level; number of children; prior use of a method; type of media for FP message.

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Presented in Poster Session 2