Data collection and analysis in Botswana: A replenishment on concepts and methods in relation to achieving millenium-development-goals(MDGs) targets

Elizabeth P Mukamaambo, University of Botswana
Venant R.N Mutabihirwa, National University of Lesotho

Data collection, which can be traced to before 1000 B.C., is operationally vital to every aspect of developmental decision-making. However, many experts – including those in population and statistics - tend to understate the importance of the conceptual frameworks of data collection and analysis; which has led to either a stagnated development of related methods and practices or inconsistencies between the methods and practices and the achievement of developmental goals for which the data is compiled and analysed. In this paper we interrogate these conceptual frameworks – introducing new concepts where desirable, and then relate the frameworks to the data collection and analysis methods and practices in Botswana. In particular, while we contend that abiding to the current data collection and analysis methods and practices will adversely affect the monitoring and evaluation of progress made in relation to MDGs targets, we suggest changes which would improve this scenario in Botswana.

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Presented in Poster Session 1