The impact of integration of family planning information and services into VCT sites in the Amhara region of Ethiopia

Mengistu Asnake, Pathfinder International
Yared Abera, Pathfinder International
Abadi Dagnew, Pathfinder International

To maximize program impacts using existing resource by integrating FP into HIV/AIDS program is cost effective and is an excellent way of exploiting opportunities. An intervention program was initiated in 2005 which focused on initiating integration of FP into VCT sites that encompasses giving orientation of integration to heads of health facilities; identification of challenges of integration and drawing of plan of action on how to overcome the challenges and improve integration. Based on the findings from the orientation workshops it was possible to train counsellors on the different FP methods and update their knowledge of eligibility criteria; availing commodities; making available different IE/BCC materials; and slight upgrading of physical structure in order to improve the flow and link with other units that provide other RH services. Through the intervention it was possible to benefit all VCT clients with FP information and 30% of them with different FP methods.

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Presented in Poster Session 2