Reduction in the burden of malarial anaemia: Confirmation of an anti-vector approach

Jasbir K. Sangha, Macro International Inc.
Kiersten Johnson, Macro International Inc.

At least 20% of all deaths in children under 5 years of age in Africa are due to malaria. With increasing levels of chloroquine resistance, the Roll Back Malaria partnership goal to halve the malaria burden by 2010 suggests the need for integrated approaches to combat malaria and reduce its consequences. Various projects and controlled trials have found improvement in anaemia levels with the use of bednets, particularly insecticide treated nets (ITNs). However, the efficacy of bednet use has not been evaluated with national survey data. The paper analyzes data from the 2001 Benin DHS, a malaria-endemic country with high prevalence of anaemia. This study found a 50% reduction in the prevalence of anaemia in children who used bednets compared to children who did not. The significance of the findings remains after controlling for household wealth and stunting in children, both of which have a significant relationship with anaemia.

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Presented in Session 15: Child protection and development