Effects of HIV/AIDS intervention programmes on the sexual behaviour of youths in Tanzania

Switbert Mkama, President's Office
Eleuther A.M Mwageni, Sokoine University of Agriculture

HIV/AIDS pandemic has been witnessed in Tanzania for the last two decades. The youth are the most affected by HIV/AIDS pandemic in Tanzania. Tanzania has developed interventions to slow down the spread of HIV. The effectiveness of these interventions is unknown. The objective is to determine effectiveness of the government interventions against HIV/AIDS on the sexual behavior of the youth. Data used are from a study conducted in November 2004, a sample of 740 youths aged between 15-24 years in rural and urban areas of Mbeya and Mwanza Regions in Tanzania. Findings reveal that: awareness youth on HIV/AIDS issues is high; misconceptions on HIV/AIDS transmission are prevalent in both the rural and urban areas; most youths are sexually active; prevalence of multiple partnerships is high; condom acceptability is relatively low in both the rural and urban areas. The paper calls for more efforts to change the behavior of the youths

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Presented in Poster Session 2