Achieving the MDGs with equity: Need for the human rights based approach

Oladele Arowolo, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The Millennium Declaration (2000)committed Member States to uphold the human rights principles and to put in place development strategies that will lead to the achievement of basic human rights standards. MDGs are aggregate national indicators and the average values computed for the targets mask significant internal variations within each country, which makes it difficult to monitor progress among vulnerable groups, such as rural population, women, urban poorest. The Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) has the capacity to identify, for targeted programming, those who are commonly left behind in the process of national development. The HRBA involves three interrelated steps. i) Causality analysis; ii) Role/Pattern analysis and; iii) Capacity Analysis. HRBA employs the human rights standards to help define the specific problem (say, poverty), identify those responsible for action, and measure results in terms of the realization of those standards.

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Presented in Session 79: Achieving MDG targets through addressing inequities