Repositioning family planning through natural methods experiences from Benin and Burkina Faso

Bernard K. Balibuno, Georgetown University
Jérémie Zoungrana, JHPIEGO, Burkina Faso

Objectives --- Present how an effective, simple and natural family planning (FP) method, the Standard Days Method reinvigorates interest in FP and repositions it as a critical component of reproductive health programs. Methods --- Quantitative data were obtained from official service statistics, individual client charts and through stakeholder interviews. Results --- The SDM attracts primarily first-time FP users (more than 80%), thus addressing overall unmet need. The SDM contributes to acceptance of other FP methods, as many couples use condoms and other barriers methods during the woman’s fertile days and others use the SDM as a “bridge” FP methods – going on to use other methods when their needs or circumstances change. Conclusion -- Increasing access to methods that can be provided both in clinics and at the community level, are culturally appropriate, and make FP a shared responsibility has considerable potential for increasing FP use.

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