Cohabitation, marriage and remarriage patterns

Ahmad Mr Maqsood, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)
Rizwana Barrister Yusuf, Institute of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)

Africa is a continent with diverse cultures, religions, ethnicities and is faced with exorbitant population growth as an alarming detrimental factor contributing towards poverty, lack of education, infant mortality, food shortage, stagnation of economic growth and HIV. Universally, marriage is the fundamental basis of the structure of a family and therefore, through enhancing the effectiveness of this institution, Africa could possibly experience population control, prevent exponential spread of HIV/AIDS and reduce infant mortality whilst curbing poverty. These foreseeable goals can only materialize through the advocacy of education. This paper proposes to educate the mass population, particularly on laws of marriage and family in accordance with ones Religion and its Holy Doctrines. The dissemination of knowledge on these state laws and religious codes of conduct can be done through the participation of the civil society and collaborative efforts of the government, non-governmental organizations, media, intellectuals, professionals, religious leaders of all Faith.

Presented in Session 51: Cohabitation,marriage and remmarriage patterns