Determinants of clients of standard days method of family planning in selected communities of Pathfinder International-Ethiopia operational areas

Befekadu Demmissie, Pathfinder International
Mengistu Asnake, Pathfinder International

In Ethiopia, community based family planning service (CBRH service) was initiated in 1992. The service providers are community based reproductive health agents. They give information, education, and counselling services on family planning including distribution of contraceptive pills, condoms, and client referrals to health facilities. Study findings on contraceptive prevalence rate(CPR)in selected CBRH service sites of Pathfinder International Ethiopia (PI-E) showed 17 to 24 %, and unmet need of 38.9% (PI-E, 2004) as opposed to the National CPR 13.9%(DHS 2005). To this end, PI-E pioneered Standard Days Method of Family Planning (SDM) in selected CBRH service sites to increase the family planning method mix that the CBRHAs would provide. Therefore, this study has been aimed at identifying determinant characteristics of SDM clients and make possible recommendations in future interventions at community based levels.

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