Determinants of recovery time of diabetic patients in Uganda

Jonathan Odwee, Makerere University
Olive Buhule, Makerere University
Leonard Atuhaire, Makerere University

This study employed a frailty model to study the determinants of recovery time of diabetic patients from three hospitals in Uganda. It was found that Insulin and Biguanides work better than diet and exercise and sulphonylureas. Disease duration did not have a significant effect on time to remission. It was concluded that duration of disease does not have any effect on the effectiveness of the interventions. Time to remission was found to increase with increase in body mass index and age. Males tend to recover faster than females and the more educated controlled the disease better than the uneducated ones. It is recommended that Biguanides and Insulin are better interventions than diet and exercise and Sulphonylureas. Besides, diabetes control awareness should be made so that people are able to control the disease to avoid other complications like stroke and heart diseases.

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Presented in Poster Session 2