What can census data on household deaths tell us about adult mortality in Lesotho and Botswana?

Kevin J A Thomas, Pennsylvania State University
Kenneth Hill, Harvard University

Recent African censuses have collected information on household deaths in the previous year. However, this information has remained largely under-utilized. In the presence of a spreading HIV/AIDS epidemic and a dearth of reliable estimates on adult mortality levels and trends in Africa, this information can be exploited to derive mortality estimates essential for monitoring health outcomes. In this study, our overall objective is to evaluate the completeness of household death information collected in African censuses and explore their utility in mortality analyses. Specific objectives include the following: (1) Evaluate the completeness of census data on household deaths, by sex and age. (2) Use adjusted household death information to generate adult mortality estimates. (3) Compare mortality estimates derived from the adjusted data on household deaths with similar estimates from other direct and indirect sources. (4) Describe mortality patterns and trends in the context of the HIV epidemic.

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Presented in Session 22: Adult mortality in Africa