Enhancing adolescents’ reproductive health awareness in Egypt

Salah Abou El Enein, Pathfinder International
Andy Cole, Pathfinder International
Manal Eid, Pathfinder International

Egyptian adolescents face a wide variety of reproductive health challenges, especially in rural Egypt. Given that it is culturally unacceptable for unmarried youth to seek MCH/FP/RH information, the Takamol Project devised a range of youth activities to increase their health awareness. During youth mobilization weeks, young people participate in activities such as health education sessions, community projects, and hear from religious leaders and health professionals on a variety of MCH/FP/RH topics. Edutainment such as puppet shows and plays disseminate health messages to adolescents and parents. A university peer-educator program utilizes local physicians, religious leaders, and university officials to train students on MCH/FP/RH topics and how to communicate this information to fellow students. A basic life skills program supports community outreach workers to provide classes for 13-18 year-olds on reproductive and adolescent health issues. Presented data will show increases in youths’ awareness and knowledge of reproductive health resulting from these initiatives.

Presented in Poster Session 3