The status of population, health, and environment integration and cross-sectoral collaboration in Kenya

Francis Mwaura
Karugu Ngatia, National Coordinating Agency for Population and Development

An assessment was undertaken in Kenya to evaluate the success of integrated multiple-sector development approach as proposed in the MDGs. The findings showed that the population, health and environment cross-sectoral integration and institutional collaboration in Kenya is embedded in a wide range of the policies and legal frameworks. The assessment established that cross-sectoral integrated projects have existed in Kenya since the early 1980s during which numerous Integrated Conservation and Development Projects (ICDPs) emerged all over the world. However, there is a very limited number of PHE designed projects mainly because PHE integration is not easy to carry due to shortage of funds and many donors have their traditional area of funding. The assessment established that the PHE integration approach provides a vehicle for addressing Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The case studies indicated that PHE integration has brought positive change to the people and environment in areas where it is practiced.

Presented in Session 93: Evidence of Malthusian pressures in subsistence farming population, water sources