The impact of HIV/AIDS on the Zambian population: the case of old people

Chibwe Lwamba, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

The national adult HIV prevalence for Zambia is estimated at 16% with proportions of 18% for women and 13% for men. HIV prevalence ranges between 8% and 22%, with urban rates being about two times higher than the rural rates. About 1,000,000 Zambians are living with HIV/AIDS and an estimated 1.1 million orphans have either lost both or one parent largely due to AIDS mortality. Less than 5% of the Zambian population survives to old age (65 years and above). Current statistics show that HIV has spread to all parts of Zambia and very high prevalence levels of HIV are found in urban areas, and effects mostly adults in their prime productive and reproductive age groups of 25-39 years and all sectors of the Zambian society. As a consequence, grandparents and children are caring for the sick adults and orphans instead of being cared for.

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Presented in Session 77: Impact of HIV and AIDS on the wellbeing of older people