Adolescents transition: The challenges and the way out (the African perspective)

Olukunle Omotoso, University of Ibadan

Sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents are of great concern to everyone at every point in life especially to the adolescents because it is the formative stage of their lives. Many factors such as social cultural, physiological and religious militate against them in this transitional period of life. This in return predisposes them to so many health problems such as unwanted pregnancies, STD including HIV/AIDS. They do not have the ability to protect themselves against such problems because of the inadequate comprehensive information, confidentiality, respect and informed consent. The reproductive health practice of adolescents therefore depends on peer influence during the formative years. They end up with self medications, visit quacks, which may lead to complications if not death. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health therefore needs special attention from different sectors-The Government, Health Workers and the Society at large. This paper therefore suggests possible solutions from African perspective.

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Presented in Poster Session 4