Awareness and the use of voluntary counselling and testing services: Panacea to HIV/AIDS pandemic in Nigeria

Elias O. Wahab, Lagos State University
Jubril Jawando, Lagos State University

The HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) services provides a critical entry point to both HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support for the infected individuals. Over the past decades, the scope of VCT has evolved from diagnostic tool for symptomatic patient to an essential component of HIV/AIDS prevention effort. stratify random sampling was used to select One Hundred and Fifty respondents (male and female) who were randomly interviewed from three military barracks in Nigeria. The study reveals that the whole essence of HIV/AIDS VCT is yet to be felt amongst the study population. The study further found that death results from inadequate facilities and non-availability of post-test support services. The study also shows that literacy, public enlightenment programmes, and mass-media are essential efficient and effective VCT. The study concluded that there is the need to further recruit and train counsellors with adequate facilities and enough post-test support activities.

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