Kenyan midwives provide postpartum IUDs

Rosemary Kamunya, JHPIEGO
Nancy Koskei, JHPIEGO - Kenya Office
Elaine Roman, JHPIEGO - Kenya Office
Angela Nashmercado, JHPIEGO
Holly Blanchard, JHPIEGO

Providing postpartum insertion of IUD’s offers several important advantages: • Readily accessible for women who deliver at health care facilities • No effect on breastfeeding • Safe for use by HIV-positive women • Immediately reversible should contraceptive desires change IUD expulsion rates are higher than those for the interval technique, but can be minimized when insertion: • Occurs within 10 minutes after delivery of the placenta • Is sufficiently high in the uterine fundus • Is done by a specially trained provider. Few physicians provided immediate postpartum IUD placement in teaching hospitals. Kenyan midwives are now being trained to add postpartum IUD’s to the method mix during the immediate postpartum after deliveries at primary facilities. JHPIEGO and EngenderHealth are training Kenyan midwives postpartum IUD insertion. The Kenyan midwives are field-testing an update manual, and monitoring patient satisfaction with PPIUD, continuation of method, expulsion rate and acceptability among staff and patients.

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Presented in Session 55: Family Planning in Kenya