An assessment of availability, transfer and utilization of indigenous grain storage protectants in Tanzania

Amos Nicolao, Sokoine University of Agriculture

Farmers all over the world incur serious losses to stored produce due to insect and pests damage and are frequently forced to sell prematurely. Many use traditional storage protectants. The effectiveness of traditional protectants is variable as do synthetic pesticides. Farmers need and demand better options for protecting their grain from storage loss agents so as to be food secure. It has been realized that the indigenous protectants are environmental friendly, less health hazardous, cost effective, easily available, easy transferable among farming community. This paper will discuss availability, transfer, and utilization of indigenous grain storage protectants in Tanzania. It will tell some achievements, success and failure, globally, regionally, and in the country and finally to the case study area. It will finally suggest measures for failure resulted from these protectants utilization.Proper utilization of these protectants will assure food security, hence eradicate poverty. Eventually people's life standards will be highly raised.

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