Assessment and monitoring of changes in interest of pastoralists in selling their livestock for their livelihood diversification in Ngorongoro District, Tanzania

Michael Emanuel Haule

In Tanzania despite of the increasing great potential of local and international high quality meat market, the performance of the traditional livestock industry is still very poor and unpredictable. Pastoralists do not benefit from their kind of livelihood for the purposes of improving their living conditions and increasing household sustainable income. The objective of this study is therefore, to examine the extent of change in interests and the factors influencing the change, by the pastoralists in selling their livestock for improved livestock and livestock products market flow, pastoralists’ sustainable increased incomes and ultimately improved human livelihood diversification. Findings are expected to contribute towards: sustainable increase in household income; increase in opportunities for pastoralists livelihood diversification; improvement in household Food Security. The whole scenario may result on the control of internal and external migrations of the pastoralists and will have implications on human settlement and population growth rates.

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Presented in Poster Session 3