The Takamol integrated reproductive health model: For now and the future

Rannia Mostafa, Pathfinder International
Mohamed Abou Nar, Pathfinder International
Mohamed Afifi, Pathfinder International
Maged Yousef, Pathfinder International
Andy Cole, Pathfinder International

The Takamol Project promotes an integrated reproductive health model for strengthening maternal/child health, family planning, and reproductive health services in Egypt. Takamol works with the Egyptian government to renovate and equip primary health care facilities in 200 communities to achieve sustainable reduced fertility and improved health outcomes of mothers and newborns. Specifically, the model emphasizes community mobilization and involvement in these local health units as driving forces for change, and presents ways to strengthen and sustain mechanisms to support change. Only by involving the entire community in the provision of health services, and placing decision-making power in their hands, will changes made today be sustained tomorrow. The model strengthens capacities of health facilities to better serve communities’ needs through training, outreach, community participation, and private sector social responsibility initiatives. Takamol’s holistic approach is the future of family planning programs in Africa, and will be explored in detail during the presentation.

Presented in Poster Session 2