NGOs on HIV/AIDS mitigation in Morogoro municipality Tanzania

Enedy O Mwanakatwe, Morogoro Municipal
David Mhando, Sokoine University of Agriculture

HIV/AIDS pandemic has caused widespread socio-economic impacts to many communities in Tanzania. The epidemic is restraining development efforts of many households and the nation at large. Despite the mushrooming number of NGOs dealing with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, the prevalence of HIV infection is still high. The study objective was to assess the effectiveness of NGOs on HIV/AIDS mitigation within Morogoro Municipal. Specifically the study; explored roles of NGOs, financial sustainability, collaboration among NGOs, competence of staff on addressing HIV/AIDS issues and community awareness on NGOs activities. The study revealed challenges constraining the performance of NGOs that includes; operating under meagre funds and donor dependency, incompetent staff, inappropriate approaches on HIV/AIDS message delivery, and poor networking. The study recommends that NGOs should align their roles in order to succeed in their efforts towards HIV/AIDS mitigation

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Presented in Poster Session 2