Communities assuming responsibility for their own health care

Dina Bebawi, Pathfinder International
Gamal El Khatib, Pathfinder International
Andy Cole, Pathfinder International
Shahira Hussein, Pathfinder International

The Takamol Project’s community-based integrated reproductive health model improves service delivery by emphasizing community involvement in government health units and hospitals as driving forces for sustainable change. Communities are involved from the start through orientation meetings, consultations with community leaders, and the recruitment of local community development associations to conduct community mobilization activities. Takamol renovates and equips primary health care units and hospitals, and provides complementary training and community outreach. FP/RH and MCH services are integrated so that women visiting renovated facilities can receive treatment for themselves and their children concurrently. Postpartum home visits by community outreach workers increases awareness of postpartum risks for mothers and newborns, allowing the timely referral of emergency cases. Health facility management boards are democratically elected with 50% community representation, transferring decision-making powers to communities and encouraging facility usage. Significant increases in client flow have led to measurable improved awareness regarding child and maternal health.

Presented in Poster Session 4