Population growth and agriculture development in India: A discourse on Malthusian pressures in India

Dayanand G. Satihal, Population Research Centre, Institute of Economic Research, Dharwad
Lakksmana d Vaikunthe, Karnatak University, Dharwad
Pradeep Kumar Bhargava, Population Research Centre, Dharwad, India

Literature review suggests that there are serious and growing concerns about the impacts of rapid population growth on natural resources, agricultural productivity and production in subsistence farming especially in developing countries such as India. It has been a point of debate for long time as to whether the Malthusian pressures have a positive or a negative impact on subsistence farming. This paper, through literature review in India and a case study in south Indian state of Karnataka tries to analyze the impact of Malthusian hypotheses about the impacts of rural population growth on agricultural development in terms of land utilization, agricultural production and productivity, demand for food grains poverty etc in the context of subsistence farming in India. The paper analysis elaborative literature review obtained and data (secondary data sources published by the government of Karnataka and other sources) collected for Ph.D. dissertation on Population Growth and Agricultural Development in India.

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Presented in Session 93: Evidence of Malthusian pressures in subsistence farming population, water sources