Behaviour change project for HIV/AIDS prevention among out-of-school youths in Cross River State, Nigeria: A multi art approach.

Edisua Oko-Offoboche, DreamBoat Theatre for Development Foundation

Issue: Recent studies show that few interventions target out-of-school youths. Many of them are at risk due to risky sexual behaviour, cultural practices, gender biases, ignorance and economic factors. Methodology: A baseline survey was conducted with sample of the target population which informed strategies. A combination of dance-drama, music, art-festival, talks, community conversations and television drama were used interactively to work with them in churches, communities, motor parks. Result: More than 250,000 young people were reached with prevention messages. 1052 did VCT. 3 broke the silence. 5 art groups emerged from various communities working with other young people. More than 100 youths volunteered as care givers for home based care. Lessons Learnt: Investing in prevention amongst young people offers great hope for altering the epidemic. Enter-educate programmes are potent tools for behaviour change of young people. The scope of prevention programmes often do not reach vulnerable and marginalized groups.

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Presented in Poster Session 2