Impact assessment of conservation initiatives in the Uluguru Mountains and their sustainability, Morogoro District, Tanzania

Hezron K Sanga, Sokoine University of Agriculture

Environmental degradation is a result of human activities in the struggle against poverty. Poverty and environmental degradation are interlinked. Globally, various conservation initiatives have been launched to curb the environmental damage. International organizations and national governments have declared environmental damage as a disaster that requires urgent actions to reduce the magnitude of the problem. Uluguru Mountains are among the worlds 25 hotspots housing a variety of biodiversity ranging from plants to animals. The Mountains are also among the worlds 11 hotspots which are facing extinction. The objective of the study is to assess the impact of conservation initiatives in the Uluguru Mountains. Findings in August/September, 2007 are expected to show how many institutions are involved in conservation initiatives in the Uluguru Mountains and related technologies applied.

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