Factors associated with perinatal deaths in Kenya

Anne Khasakhala, University of Nairobi
Patrick M Ndavi, University of Nairobi

This paper uses data collected from the Kenya Demographic and Health Survey of 2003 (KDHS), to examine factors associated with perinatal deaths in Kenya. There were 232 perinatal deaths and 6181 pregnancies in the five years preceding the survey. The results indicate among the socio-demographic factors older woman and those whose first birth were after 30 years of age, women of birth order 7 and above and whose pregnancy interval was less than 15 months also had higher proportion of perinatal deaths. The regression results show that the odds of having a perinatal death are significantly higher for women who have their first birth before reaching 20 years of age, for women with higher birth order (4+) and pregnancy intervals of more than 24 months. Socio-demographic factors were not significant. This analysis underscores the need to examine predisposing factors for perinatal deaths in the country in line with the targets set for MDG 4.

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Presented in Session 11: Explaining contrasting national trends and progress in achieving MDG 4