Securing access to reproductive health commodities: A regional approach

Antoine Ndiaye, Management Sciences for Health
Chevenee Reavis, Management Sciences for Health
Stephen Redding, Management Sciences for Health

Availability of reproductive health commodities continues to be a major constraint in meeting the demands for family planning across Africa. Slow donor coordination, and inadequate forecasting and planning systems can threaten grassroots efforts that encourage families to actively engage in family planning. Launched in 2003, the USAID-funded AWARE-RH Program (Action for West Africa Region - Reproductive Health) is a regional program containing a unique initiative that engages several West African countries in sharing planning and procurement information, advocating for improved reproductive health policies and participating in commodity logistics training. AWARE-RH implements a complementary program to promote greater use of family planning resources available at all levels of the health system, as well as the establishment of regional centers of excellence offering commodity logistics training and services. The presentation includes a description and discussion of RH commodity security at the regional level, and its value to national health programs.

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Presented in Session 74: The future of family planning programmes in Africa