Young and Innocent? Sexual activity among young adolescents in the era of HIV and AIDS in Uganda

Stella Neema, Makerere University

The period of adolescence is jam-packed with uncertainty and adventuring and has subjected to many young people to unwanted pregnancy and HIV and other infections. The timing of first sexual intercourse is an important indicator of the onset and duration of exposure to risk for both unplanned pregnancy and HIV/AIDS/STI. The paper is based on data from a 2004 survey of 5,112 males and females aged 12–19 that assessed issues on ASRH and factors that put them at risk for HIV transmission and unwanted pregnancy. About 28% Younger males (12-14) reported the first time they had sex was with a casual acquaintance; one in nine females had sex for the first time with a casual acquaintance. One in 10 females had first their first sex forced. Programs to delay first sex among this group should be revamped. Education is one of the most powerful predictors of delayed sexual debut.

Presented in Poster Session 3