The experience of maternal morbidity among adolescents in South Nyanza, Kenya

Monica A. Magadi, City University London
Zoe Matthews, University of Southampton
R. William Stones, Aga Khan University

Despite available evidence of considerable maternal health risk among adolescents, studies on maternal morbidity among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa are scarce. This paper will use information obtained from the survey and qualitative study components of the 2002 Adolescent safemotherhood study in South Nyanza to examine experience of maternal morbidity among adolescents in the region. The questionnaire included a section on maternal morbidity experience for the last pregnancy. The study adopted the approach used in the Philippines Safe Motherhood Survey, where respondents are asked if they had experienced given symptoms of various obstetric morbidities. The questionnaire incorporated symptoms for common morbidities during pregnancy and childbirth such as oedema (swellings of legs, face), blurred vision, turning pale/yellow, short of breath when carrying out normal household activities, obstructed/prolonged labour, haemorrhage, high fever, fits, etc. These will help assess the magnitude of life threatening obstetric morbidities such as anaemia, hypertension/ pre-eclampsia, haemorrhage and sepsis.

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Presented in Session 12: Adolescents' sexual and reproductive health