The effect of health status and perception of debilitating health conditions during life course on educational aspirations of Ethiopian youth

Optat H. Tengia, Brown University
David P. Lindstrom, Brown University
Dennis Hogan, Brown University
Craig Hadley, Emory University

We investigate factors that affect adolescents educational aspirations in southwestern Ethiopia using data from a longitudinal survey on 2,194 youths. We focus on the role of health and perception of future health status as potential important determinants of adolescent educational aspirations and educational outcomes. We use a two-step Heckman selection model to estimate, in the first stage, the probability of being in-school, which we then use as a covariate in the second stage to predict the probability of having high educational aspirations. Preliminary results show that individual's perception of the risk of debilitating health conditions in their life course reduce their educational aspirations.

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Presented in Session 57: Adolescent transitions to adulthood