Population in conflict situations

Mwadi Kady Aimée, Society of Women and AIDS in Africa

Objective: To determine the link between conflict and risk factors for women and young girls vulnerability according HIV and poverty, treatment and care support for people affected by the conflict. Methodology and results: The methodology used for collecting data , was to have basic information on :the health system ,basic quantitative data on the public health ,the HIV and ISTs. The semi structured in terviews with main trainers such as public authority, community leaders, youth representatives, militaries, services providers. Interview with results: There are many women and children among Internals displaced populations. The changement of residence affect their life,. women and children are obliged to work hard for having something to eat. The population doesn’t have access to information. .radio the were obliged to live their house Death very high because of malaria, basically to children under 5 years .

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Presented in Session 63: Populations in conflict situations