Analysis of the problems and gains associated with rural-urban migration, the Sierra Leone experience

Sahr Eric Nabieu, University of Sierra Leone

Rural-urban migration poses more challenges than the opportunities it seems to create for migrants, their families and the host communities in which they tend to reside. These problems are of greater dimension and more severe in the African countries, where the provision of public infrastructural facilities lags a thousand times behind the growth of the population.This paper intends to measure the severity of the above named challenges even as it tries to address the corresponding benefits of rural urban migration in Sierra Leone. The study will also try to investigate the motivating factors forcing the movement of the rural people into the urban settlements, particularly Freetown.The study expects to discover higher negative consequences of rural-urban migration than the associated benefits in Sierra Leone, such consequences include but not limited to diseaes, brought about be overcrowded residents, unemployment, sexual abuse of teenagers by adults inmates, hunger and malnutrition.

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