Changing structure and its implications for well-being: Integration of Population variables into development planning process, ideas from Ghana

Edward Oppong-Aboagye, National Population Council Ghana

The age structure of a population is an important demographic variable that determines the direction of development of a nation. Ghana has a youthful population which is a very good resource for national development. The benefits associated with the demographic “window of opportunity” a characteristic of youthful population need to be harnessed. It is in the light of this that NPC facilitated the development of the integration modules as a system approach of development to be used by Policy Makers, Planners and Academia at all levels in their planning process. This module is a projection model that examines in general terms the dynamic link among population, economic development and social needs. It is used to determine the development needs of a particular area based on the structure of the population. It has been used as an advocacy tool to sensitize politicians at the district level in the allocation of resources.

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Presented in Poster Session 1